The Lake of the Woods Township Mayor and Council have been working hard to develop a new park with a sand beach and picnic areas. Located on the end of Frenchman's Rock Road off of Hwy 621, is a beautiful lake area for friends and family to enjoy a day on the beach. The below photo was taken before ground construction was started in October 2008.

Lake of the Woods Beach October 2008 

With the use of grant monies, local contractors have started developing the township property to produce lawn and picnic areas. The below photos show the brush and vegetation before clearing the area for grass and future buildings.

This is the start of the day-use park area beyond the parking lot.

Lake of the Woods Park before construction

This area needed clearing and the ground level raised toward the beach.

Lake of the Woods Park grass area by beach

The cleared area before top soil and grass seed.

Lake of the Woods Park grass area ready for seed

Under a blanket of snow(taken before the real snow fall started), lawn seed and tree leaves are waiting to sprout in the spring of 2009.

Lake of the Woods Park Sunset 

When construction is complete, there will be ample parking, grass and beach.  Swimmers and picnickers will enjoy a day by the lake.

  Island splendor, Feel it!