Morson Tourism Ice On Contest


1)     Must “like” the Morson Tourism Facebook page


2)     Enter the date you guess ice is on in Morson


3)     Must “share” the Ice On contest post


In the event of more then one person with the correct date, there will be a drawing from the pool of winners. Contest entries accepted thru November 4, 2018.


Morson Ice On by year


History of Ice On: A board with Ice On and Ice Out was found in 1981 believed to have originated at Kreger Fishery with dates from 1935 to 1964. Since 1981, community members have been recording the dates for this event. This location will be the official spot for this contest and is the bigger part of the lake looking west from Morson toward Dawson Island. Definition is when open water can no longer been seen from main land Morson.


This location had ice on earliest recorded as November 4, 1991 and latest as December 19, 2015, including the dates from 1935 to 1965. November 22nd is the date more recorded for ice on between 1981 and 2017. Entries for guesses accepted thru Nov 4, 2018 via our Facebook page


Morson Ice On Chart 1918-2017



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